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When owning a Volkswagen vehicle, it’s important to pay attention to any dashboard warning lights that appear during use. When a light, such as your vehicle’s electronic power control light, or EPC light, turns on, that indicates a potential problem within your Volkswagen. This predicament can create an unsafe situation or harm your vehicle if you don’t address the issue. With this guide, we look at what it means when your Volkswagens electronic power control (EPC) light turns on, what to do if it has turned on, and the benefits of prompt service when your vehicle shows an EPC light warning.



What Is a Volkswagen EPC Light?

The electronic power control light is associated with the throttle system in Volkswagen vehicles, like the Volkswagen Jetta and Atlas. If your Volkswagen is experiencing problems with the throttle system, the EPC light may turn on to alert you so that you can get the service and attention it requires. The EPC light may also trigger because of a problem with your Volkswagen’s electronic stability program.

What Causes A VW EPC Light to Turn On?

The primary causes for an EPC light turning on in a Volkswagen Passat, Jetta, or Golf relate to the throttle system. However, other conditions may also trigger the light. The most likely causes for an EPC light turning on in your Volkswagen are:

  • Brake light switch
  • Cruise control
  • Engine speed sensor
  • Mass air flow sensor
  • Throttle pedal
  • Throttle body
  • Traction control

What to Do When Your EPC Light is On

If you own a Volkswagen and your EPC light has turned on, it’s important to know how to respond to get the best possible results for your vehicle. If you are experiencing an EPC light in your Volkswagen, follow these steps:

  • Minimize vehicle use: When you notice your EPC light has turned on, it’s important to stop driving as soon as safely possible. Doing this ensures that if any damaging effects occur due to the malfunction leading to the light turning on, they do not continue for any longer than is necessary.
  • Get a diagnostic: The first step anytime a warning light turns on inside your Volkswagen is getting a diagnostic run on the vehicle. Although lights can show which systems are experiencing difficulties, they do not indicate the exact problem, whereas a diagnostic can quickly assess what is wrong to start repairs.
  • Schedule auto service: After identifying the source of the EPC light, it is best to get any problems corrected before driving your Volkswagen again. This ensures that you remain safe behind the wheel and that there is no opportunity for the problem to devolve into a larger issue that professionals cannot repair or that requires more expensive servicing.
  • Do not reset your EPC light manually: Although you can use various methods to turn off warning lights on your dashboard, you should never do so as a solution to the problem. Turning off your light does not address the underlying concern that led to it turning on, and opting to shut the light off without taking your car to a service professional for diagnostics and repair may lead to serious harm or unsafe driving conditions.

The Importance of Professional Service for an EPC Light in Your Volkswagen

For some drivers, when a warning light comes on the dashboard, their first thought is to find out how to turn the light off instead of addressing the problem that led to it. This is inadvisable in all situations, including an EPC light. It is also important to seek professional Volkswagen service in Streetsboro to ensure that any repairs to turn off the light are done correctly to keep you and your vehicle protected. Some benefits of using a professional service center when your EPC light turns on include:

  • Accurate diagnostic assessment: Anytime your Volkswagen is experiencing mechanical troubles, it’s important to assess the cause of the problems accurately. By taking your vehicle into a service station, you get the trained experience of service professionals. You can further enhance this benefit by taking your vehicle to a service station specializing in Volkswagen vehicles so that your service professionals have an enhanced understanding of your vehicle’s needs.
  • Quality replacement and service parts: Installing quality parts is essential when performing repairs on a vehicle. Not only do they offer higher performance values, but they can also save you money by lasting longer than discount parts. When you take your vehicle into a service station, you receive expert guidance on the parts required to perform the best possible repairs on your Volkswagen Passat.
  • Reliable mechanic service: Just as the experience trained professionals bring to your vehicle is useful when diagnosing the cause of your EPC light, it is also beneficial during repairs. Experienced service professionals ensure that any replacements or repairs are done to the highest quality to get your Volkswagen working the way it’s intended.
  • Long-term savings: Many car owners attempt to perform their own repairs to save money by only paying for parts. Unfortunately, this often leads to higher expenses in the long run when an owner attempts a repair above their abilities. This can lead to further damage in the vehicle or the need to still take your vehicle in for full servicing when your attempted repairs do not solve the problem, which only increases the cost of your repairs.

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