Battery Diagnostic Check and Replacement

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Battery Diagnostic Check and Replacement

Nothing can stop you in your tracks faster than a dead battery. The Volkswagen of Streetsboro Service Center is the perfect place to receive car care, including battery diagnostic checks and replacements. In addition to diagnosing and replacing your battery, we offer a large array of service specials that will please your budget.

Benefits of Battery Service
An old, defective or worn-out battery won’t hold a full charge, which means you might be marooned in a car that won’t start, perhaps in a place you don’t want to be. By regularly having your battery diagnosed and replacing it when necessary, you can avoid the inconvenience and safety risks of your car being immobilized at the worst possible time.

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Our factory-trained, certified technicians have tremendous expertise caring for batteries and all the other parts of a vehicle’s electrical system. We diagnose and replace batteries frequently, and we have the experience needed to service batteries on all makes and models, not just VWs.
We recommend that you let us diagnose your battery at least once per year, and ideally with every oil change. Naturally, you should respond immediately to any symptoms of battery problems, such as dimming lights when you turn on an accessory, difficult starting, a battery warning light, visible corrosion and the need for jump starts. Our technicians can thoroughly test your battery whenever you bring your car in for servicing and inform you if it’s time for a replacement.

Battery Diagnostic Check

Our technicians keep your car running smoothly by using the latest diagnostic gear. We use quality OEM parts built to the carmaker’s original specifications. OEM parts made for your vehicle preserve your warranty and maximize performance. Cheap aftermarket parts can fit improperly and fail prematurely, an unsafe and costly situation. If you own a Volkswagen, we will give you a 12-month warranty when we install a VW Economy Battery or any other VW part. Volkswagen of Streetsboro provides service you can believe in and keep your car humming at peak performance.

If you live in Cleveland, Hudson, Kent, Akron, Streetsboro or anywhere in Northeast Ohio, come and visit our Service Center –we’ll give your battery and the rest of your vehicle the superior care it deserves!