5 Universities Near Cleveland, Ohio

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Cleveland, Ohio, is a charming port city featuring historic neoclassical architecture, a vibrant sports scene, and an endless supply of activities to explore. Founded in 1796, this city is famous for being the first city to light up with electricity, the first to open an indoor shopping mall, and the first to perform a blood transfusion. It’s no surprise that some refer to it as a city of firsts. 

It’s easy to understand why the institutions here have helped to produce some of the greatest minds and innovators in the nation, making it a city perfect for both fun and education. Whether you’re a new or transfer student, the Cleveland metro area has just what you need to complete your academic journey. Here are five universities we think can offer you an amazing learning experience.

Cleveland State University

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Founded in 1964 as a state-assisted institution, Cleveland State University is an excellent public college hosting approximately 16,000 students and offering over 175 academic programs. It’s a college that focuses on both upward career mobility and meaningful research. Accessible to individuals from all backgrounds and cultures, this institution has fairly affordable tuition, even for out-of-state students.

Located in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland State has a vibrant campus life featuring an array of student activities. If you enjoy sports, the school has a wide selection for you to choose from, such as basketball, swimming, golf, fencing, wrestling, cross-country, softball, volleyball, and tennis. There also are many student-operated activities to consider, like a radio station, three student newspapers, and a literary magazine. Additionally, you can join one of the four fraternities and sororities. And that’s not to forget about the other 200 social, cultural, and professional organizations you can pursue.

While the university specializes in high research, there are 70 academic majors and 27 master’s degree programs to choose from. With so many options, you’ll surely be able to find a field that you enjoy, such as law, liberal arts, social sciences, human services, education, business, communications, nursing, social work, health sciences, engineering, film and media, and urban affairs. For continuing education, consider the two post-master’s degrees and six doctoral degrees offered. 

Baldwin Wallace University

Ranked as one of the top 20 universities in the Midwest, Baldwin Wallace University is a private institution founded in 1845. It’s a college of global recognition, accepting students from across the nation and abroad. Driving this international perspective, the school’s motto is, “Creating contributing, compassionate citizens of an increasingly global society.”

The university offers many international programs for upperclassmen to pursue, such as international student exchanges with colleges in Japan, India, Korea, Australia, Germany, England, and Austria. When you include the faculty-led trips abroad, students have boundless opportunities to expand their perspectives and learn about other cultures.

Boasting an impressive 90% employment rate six months after graduation, Baldwin Wallace specializes in sectors related to education, neuroscience, business, and music, but don’t let that deter you. There are many more offered majors, such as engineering, finance, and computer science. The university has a stellar alumni lineup, featuring notable figures like Creed II producer Steven Caple Jr., NASA astronaut Robert F. Overmyer, and actress Ciara Renée.

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University has a lot going on for itself. Established in 1826, this private research institution is ranked as one of the top 50 colleges in the nation. Housing more than 12,000 undergraduate, graduate, professional students, you can expect this school to fulfill all of your educational needs.

Campus life at this university is all-encompassing, ensuring that each student gets to fully experience the college and Cleveland, Ohio, itself. Case Western is one of the nation’s best colleges for fostering invaluable exploration, learning, and discovery. With prestigious events, world-class museums, 17 varsity athletic teams, and student organizations, there is something for everyone.

This school specializes and provides top-ranked programs in dentistry, sciences, arts, law, engineering, management, nursing, medicine, and social work. With 95 undergraduate and 135 graduate degree options, the programs only touch the surface of what Case Western has to offer. Many of their notable alumni can attest to this, such as the blockbuster-directing Russo brothers, civil rights attorney Fred Gray, and tech billionaire Craig Newmark.

John Carroll University

Established in 1886, John Carroll University is a private Jesuit institution housing more than 3,650 students across 70 academic programs. While the school specializes in liberal arts, business, and science, there are other areas of study to explore as well, ensuring that students of all backgrounds can find a major that aligns with their interests.

The original structure of the Jesuit religious order remains ever-present and serves as the foundation of the university. As such, students can expect to develop both morally and intellectually based on the teachings of their faith. At John Carroll, the core value that’s encouraged is social justice and uninhibited service to communities on a local and global scale.

The university is famous for its collegiate gothic architecture, further emphasizing the school’s drive to preserve traditionalism. It is through social communion and quality academia that the school consistently ranks as one of the top 10 universities in the Midwest. Many of the school’s notable alumni would attest to this ranking, such as children’s author Brian P. Cleary, Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu, and television network founder Charles Dolan. 

Kent State University

Established in 1910, this affordable public research university is famous internationally for the activism that occurred when students opposed United States involvement in the Vietnam War. As such, this school holds incredible historical significance and serves as Ohio’s third-largest college. Kent State University offers many bachelor’s and graduate degree programs to choose from but specializes in academia related to research, nursing, arts, science, business, history, journalism, library science, architecture, aeronautics, and fashion design. 

Students can gain a one-of-a-kind campus experience featuring aquatics, an ice arena, arts, culture, various club sports, and much more. At the end of their time in Kent State, students can expect to become more forward-thinking and creative members of society.

There you have it, folks. Volkswagen of Streetsboro has listed five amazing universities in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. While Cleveland has so many more world-class institutions for you to consider, we hope you found our list useful and insightful. Did we miss any universities that also deserve recognition? If so, leave us a comment. We’d love to hear your recommendations.

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