Guide to Attending Uncorked: Cleveland Wine Festival

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Whether you’re a wine aficionado or just enjoy the occasional glass, you’re bound to have a good time at Uncorked Wine Festivals. This organization hosts events around the country, and we’re lucky enough to have one right here in Cleveland, the 3rd annual Cleveland Wine Festival on July 16. For some people, all they need to know is that this event allows you to try over 100 wines from around the world. But for those who want more information, Volkswagen of Streetsboro is here to help. Read on to discover tips for making the most of your time at the Cleveland Wine Festival.

Sign Up for the Uncorked Newsletter

Consider visiting the Uncorked Wine Festivals website and clicking the “Subscribe” button in the upper-right corner of the menu. Enter a valid email address and be sure to choose “Cleveland” from the “List choice” drop-down menu. Click subscribe, and check your email to confirm your subscription to the mailing list. Now, important updates about the Cleveland Wine Festival will go right to your inbox. You’ll get reminders about the event and receive content about the vendors, entertainment, and more.

Buy the Right Ticket

You can buy your tickets before the event through Eventbrite. When you visit this page, you’ll notice that there are two types of tickets available for purchase. Because all sales are final, it’s important to choose the right ticket. Standard admission is $60 and provides access to the venue from 8-11 p.m. You’ll be able to taste over 100 wines from around the world and tour the Great Lakes Science Center.

If you’re willing to pay a little more, consider the $75 early admission ticket. This ticket allows you to enter the venue at 7 p.m., giving you more time to taste wines and tour the museum before everyone arrives. The early admission ticket also provides access to bonus wines from certain wineries. Many attendees consider the VIP treatment worth the extra $15.

Leave the Kids at Home

The Cleveland Wine Festival is an adult-only event, so make sure you get a reliable babysitter for the night. For the safety of every attendee, this event is for individuals who are at least 21 years old and doesn’t allow any children to enter, including infants. The website notes that guests must present a valid ID for entry, so bring yours to avoid being left at the door.

Research the Wineries

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Wine by niseag03 is licensed with CC BY-ND 2.0

The star of the show at the Cleveland Wine Festival is the Hess Persson Estates winery, which will feature the signature Hess Collection and Lions Head Luxury Collection. Keep in mind that there will be over 100 different wines to taste in one night, so having a game plan will ensure that you get the most out of the experience. Consider researching these collections beforehand. Knowing a little about the offerings can make your experience less overwhelming and help you find wines you’ll enjoy. This is also a great opportunity to discover wines you normally wouldn’t buy.

Arrive on Time

You can make the most of your ticket by avoiding the line at the door when you arrive on time. Early admission opens at 7 p.m., so you should plan an early dinner and make it inside the venue before 8 p.m. when general admission opens. Check the weather and the traffic before leaving the house so you and your party will be wasting less time on the highway and more time tasting your way around the Cleveland Wine Festival.

Plan Your Dinner

It’s never a good idea to consume alcohol on an empty stomach. Luckily, there will be vendors selling food separately so you can comfortably enjoy your night. While both tickets offer access to unlimited wine tasting, tickets do not cover food costs. Be sure to bring a card or extra cash with you for a total wine and dine experience. Some festival-goers opt to explore Cleveland’s finest dining beforehand. If you go this route, we recommend you check out local hubs like the Rock Hall Cafe or Urban Farmer Cleveland’s Steakhouse that are near the Great Lakes Science Center.

Dress for Success

The Cleveland Wine Festival doesn’t specify a dress code, but guests like to keep the attire sophisticated. The mood is fancy dinner date night, so consider a nice dress or slacks and a blazer. You can also get away with pairing dark jeans with a polo or collared shirt. We advise you to leave the heels at home and opt for flats, especially if you plan to make the most of the wine-tasting portion of the evening.

Coordinate a Ride Home

With over 100 wines from across the globe to try, driving home will be highly unlikely. Be proactive and coordinate a ride before the event. You might take advantage of the city’s public transportation system or schedule a driver through a ridesharing app. Alternatively, you can invite a friend who won’t be drinking during the event. Designated driver tickets are available for purchase at the door. If you want more details about these tickets, email [email protected]

Learn About the Cause

The Cleveland Wine Festival is not only a fun event to attend with friends, but it’s also in support of a good cause. Proceeds go to the Art Therapy Studio, a local nonprofit that uses art therapy to promote mental and physical health. This organization has been around since 1967 and provides art therapy services to veterans, seniors, incarcerated youths, and economically disadvantaged individuals.

Art Therapy Studio is an amazing organization to get involved with. From putting together art kits to making collages, there are countless ways you can connect with the Cleveland community at Art Therapy Studio. Check out their website to learn more about what they do and what you can do to help.

The Cleveland Wine Festival is quickly approaching, be sure to get your tickets and subscribe to the Uncorked Wine Festivals website for news and updates. If you’re a veteran of Uncorked Wine Festivals or know of other wine-tasting events in the Cleveland area, let us know here at Volkswagen of Streetsboro. Our dealership is always looking for ways to connect with our amazing community.

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