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Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

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The Practicality of Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission fluid exchange isn’t a service specific to Volkswagen vehicles. All makes of cars need such service to assure continued operation. The fact is, there are moving metal gears inside the transmission, and they can wear down if not properly lubricated. Transmission fluid is designed to provide lubrication and help keep down the heat generated by the friction of gear shifting during normal driving. Unfortunately, transmission fluid can become compromised over time and needs to be changed, typically about every 30,000 – 40,000 miles or three years, depending on driving style and local conditions.

Reasons for Transmission Inspection and Service

Transmission fluid can become contaminated in several ways. As the gaskets in the system get old and brittle, they can flake off into the fluid, or the gears themselves can get tiny chips in them. Condensation can form inside the system, and since transmission fluid is a form of oil, it doesn’t mix with water, so moisture can impede its proper function. Finally, the oil itself can begin to break down at a microscopic level from the series of heating and cooling it goes through every time the car is warmed up and driven before later being parked again. Once that happens, the oil won’t properly lubricate the gears, and further damage will occur, so the idea is to change the fluid before that happens, and more expensive repairs are needed.

What Happens When a Transmission Goes Bad

Once further damage happens, it’s too late to fix it by just changing the fluid. At that point, a transmission rebuild or replacement is going to be needed. It’s important to remember that the transmission rarely stops working altogether but will show symptoms as it begins to wear out. The first thing to notice is the gears will start slipping, causing the vehicle to rev up to higher RPMs than usual before changing gears. Later, as the problem gets worse, the transmission will begin skipping over certain gears altogether, perhaps going from 1st directly into 3rd because 2nd gear doesn’t work. Alternatively, it may be hard to move the gear shifter and set the vehicle in motion.

Where To Have Transmission Fluid Exchange in Streetsboro, Ohio

For transmission fluid exchange, transmission repair, or any other maintenance and repair work your car might need, give us a call at Volkswagen of Streetsboro. We serve the surrounding Ohio areas of Hudson, Aurora, Kent, and Twinsburg. Our full-service shop is staffed with professional and friendly certified Volkswagen technicians who have the knowledge and tools to work on other makes of vehicles as well as the Volkswagen cars we specialize in. Check out our service specials for extra savings on maintenance.


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